MpBlaze is an OSX utility app to help owners of the Akai MPC sampler series. The main issues when importing sound samples onto an MPC device are: the format of the files, and the file name length. If the files are in the wrong sound format they wont play, and if the names are too long you might not be able to differentiate on the small screen (as they will be truncated by the OS). As a user of the MPC, I was well aware of these issues; so its nice to have something new that helps.

From a tech perspective: I created the viewControllers in Swift, and the rest of the code is in Objective-C. It uses Apple’s ‘Core Audio’ framework to do all the sample rate / bit depth conversion. The code can be viewed on my GitHub account.

In addition: the website over at was created by myself using the Bootstrap 3 framework.

To distribute the app I decided on using Gumroad as they take care of all payment processing and even generate a serial key for the user. The validation of this is then done inside the app upon launch.