Record Lister

Record Lister has been designed with ease of use and efficiency in mind. The three overriding design principles that drove the Record Lister concept were:

  1. To enable the user to integrate audio and additional pictures easily into their eBay listing.
  2. To separate the elements you change often such as: artist or title; from the elements that rarely change such as postage price.
  3. To provide a streamlined experience, tailored specifically for listing music on eBay.

The application features a recorder for users to add sound clips via the iPad microphone (or external USB interface), and the ability to take up to four pictures using the iPad camera. Sound clips are uploaded to Dropbox - and linked to - from the users eBay listing.

I developed this as an in house project to showcase the use of the eBay API, which is complex, and requires a lot of data handling via the XML REST interface. When I made this app, eBay did not provide an SDK for Obj-C / iOS, so in effect I had to create this myself.

Please note: due to the continually changing nature of the eBay API (and so I can concentrate on new projects), I have retired Record Lister from the app store; though it is still used privately, in conjunction with a web server running Django, and the official eBay Python SDK.


record lister screen shot

Example of HTML output on eBay:

HTML output