Please note: Situate is a product by Sheffield based company Llama Digital

Situate is a content based app. Its main selling point, is that it can be triggered by either the users current GPS location, or by close proximity to an iBeacon. Customers of the Situate platform can upload: text, pictures and video via an online content management system. The iOS and Android clients download the information, then present it to the user at designated places.

Whilst working on the project, I added many new features to the native Android version including: background audio (via Android service), GPS and Google Maps (with custom overlays / pins). Furthermore: I sharpened up the existing visual elements, and optimised the current code base to follow ‘separation of concerns’ and ‘DRY’ object orientated principles, which allowed further development to continue without accruing additional technical debt.

For the iOS version: I added background audio - that could play independently of each screen - complete with a separate audio player. During my time on the project I mentored the existing developer on Objective-C, Core Data and other iOS technologies.